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Choosing Paint Colors with McHale's Painters

While we no longer offer color consultations directly, we do offer our clients a referral to another color consultant we work with very closely. As a bonus, clients who work with our referred color consultant are offered a $50 discount on all of our painting services.

McHale's Painters Wall Painting Ideas for Your Home

At McHale's Painters, we are the experts at selecting the right colors and tones for your home. When you come to us with your initial idea, we will refer to the color wheel to ensure that your idea will work. This method guarantees that the best color combinations are chosen every time.

During a consultation with one of our experts, we will suggest different hues and tones that best match your home’s look. We will bring paint strips with us to give you a better idea of what the color will look like placed against your wall.

We also have an online color design program that you can use prior to booking a consultation. Our color design program allows you to digitally “paint” a photograph of your room to see how the colors you have selected will work with your interior. This often gives you a better representation of what your space will look like.

Moreover, before we even begin fully painting your walls, we will test out the actual color by applying a single stroke, to make sure you are completely satisfied with the look.

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